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How dance gives benefits to kids below the poverty line?

Dance is an activity that helps children grow mature emotionally, socially, and physically. The physical benefits of dance are accepted worldwide; still, the emotional and social attributes lately appreciated worldwide. Following are the features and how helpful they are in kids life is mentioned below:

1. Emotional Development

Dance is an activity through which a child can promote their physical and mental health. Many kids cannot express their feeling in words, but with the help of dance moves and their presentation, they can articulate what inside them is disturbing them. In todays, scenario if we see not only the study help them grow, dance has also played a vital role in one's life. The kid needs more to express themselves clearly in front of the world. If we saw the "Super Dancer Kids Show," there the kids at the age of 5 or 6 dancing like a teenager, and the expressions they have on their face are the achievement of their parents, especially those who stopped them in building their career as a dancer. We don't say that study is not essential. It is equally necessary as dance. Dance gives relaxation and the ability to do further studies. It also helps them show their hidden talent in front of the people worldwide, which increases their inner confidence.

Dance Classes
Dance Classes
2. Social Awareness

Dance help kid to interact socially with other people, and they also receive cooperation from another side. Many dance academies see the kid's performance on social media and help them build their career as a dancer. Social media is a platform where children learn to communicate their ideas, and they get many other innovative ideas in improving their dance moves. It is a platform where children quickly learn to work within a group dynamically. Sometimes kids face challenges in the cooperation process as a choreographer is well-trained, and kids need to match their moves. However, we call this phase is a learning phase for kids, and they also understand the relationship building with others. It also helps them in their studies because building relationships with other people means getting more ideas about studies and dance.

3. Physical Growth

Dance is an exertion that involves a more fantastic range of stir, collaboration, and strength than utmost other physical conditioning. It is an exertion through which kids' can negotiate the movement patterns that teach them coordination and kinesthetic memory. While dancing, one utilizes their entire body, and it is one of the best forms of exercise that keeps children's minds and bodies healthy. Young children are naturally active compared to mid-age people, but dance is an activity that offers an avenue to expand movement possibilities and their inner skills.

The motive of the Gyan Drishti Foundation

Gyan Drishti is a Foundation that wishes to see kids below the poverty line do fabulous in their lives by adopting the other activities with studies. Dance is one of them that helps kids grow and face the challenges of this competitive world with courage.