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Gyan Drishti Foundation is an NGO that help people below the poverty line by providing them education and feeding their family. People below the poverty line can grab various types of education at Gyan Drishti Foundation, such as book education, dance, cooking, gardening, arts & crafts, stitching, Zumba, aerobics, yoga, women safety training like judo karate, etc. Gyan Drishti Foundation is an NGO that helps poor people in many ways at different places in Delhi/NCR. It is a foundation that teaches poor children, women, and people from backward societies how to fight for their rights in society.

Gyan Drishti Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Delhi/ NCR. It is a foundation that helps in providing entrepreneur opportunities to women. It also provides education to children below the poverty line who wish to study to build a successful career.


The vision of the Gyan Drishti Foundation is to uplift women and children towards the equivalent status in this competitive world. This foundation help women and children in building up their confidence and make them aware of their immense possibilities. This vision will exist when women achieve equality in business opportunities, financial status, work on ideas, building strong communities to give voice to those who have not heard for ages. Gyan Drishti Foundation is an NGO in Delhi/NCR that is consistently committed to creating awareness and all the necessary assistance towards the betterment of women and children in terms of financial independence, skill enhancement, reward and recognition, and gender equality.

Going to a school is a big step in rural areas, especially girls. Gyan Drishti Foundation plays an essential role by providing child education in their interest. Not every child needs to be equal, and some want to become a doctor or engineer. On the other side, some are interested in becoming a dancer, painters, chefs, designers, etc. Gyan Drishti Foundation helps all children and women achieve their dreams with the support of their other staff members working in this NGO.

Gyan Drishti Foundation is an NGO that firmly believes that underprivileged women and below poverty line kids lack equal opportunity. They divested self-confidence and an enterprising ability. It is a foundation that believes if there are any chances given to these women and kids, then they will carve out the right path to success for themselves. With the proper education and training sponsorship, this NGO believes that these women and kids will become independent and help others looking for opportunities to prove them in this competitive world.

We focus on channelizing the resources from those who have it to those who need it the most."

Gyan Drishti Foundation Trust is a Government recognized and Non-Profit making organization that gets established to work in the areas of Health, Education, promoting the rights of children, providing opportunities, and amenities to those who can't afford to feed themselves.

The groundwork for a better life depends on education, and it is one of the most potent catalysts for social transformation. However, we all know that cannot educate a child in isolation, and only an empowered family, especially the mother, would be willing to educate their child. Thus, rather than focusing on only one stage of a person's life, Gyan Drishti Foundation believes in the lifecycle approach.

Education empowers individuals to earn their livelihood and increases awareness on various issues. From healthcare to appropriate social behavior to understanding one's rights – Gyan Drishti Foundation seeks to educate, empower and cultivate better citizens.

Gyan Drishti Foundation is an NGO in Delhi/NCR that will continue to do its duty quietly and relentlessly and try its best to solve society's problems without any burden. The motive of the Gyan Drishti Foundation is to wipe out the tears of poor and needy people and help them achieve the goals of success in their lives. People who are interested in donating for these poor and needy people can contact us at Gyandrishtifoundation2020@gmail.com or call on +91 98716 73790

Meet Our Team

These awful and enthusiastic people make it all possible for women and children welfare. They contribute their time, energy and money to help needy and poor people. Gyan Drishti Foundation feels proud to have them as their partners.

Mainak Sengupta


Nitya Sengupta


Arvind Saroop

Assistant Director

Deven Jha

General Secretary